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A water damaged ceiling or leak in ceiling can be annoying and may potentially cause injuries when it suddenly collapses. A sagging water damaged ceiling can also lead to the invasion of pests, formation of mould or potentially cause damage to your floors and walls. Some of the leading causes of ceiling water damage include […]

A popcorn ceiling is paint or spray-on ceiling treatment that features a rough, lumpy texture. Individuals mainly used the popcorn ceiling during the late 20th century. Builders during the time installed a textured treatment that helped to cover all the imperfections while aiding in absorbing sound from above the building. Today, many homeowners embrace popcorn […]

Perth Ceiling Repairs know the risk of leaving a sagging plasterboard ceiling untouched. When left untouched the ceiling can collapse, posing a risk to others. Furthermore, water damage can spread quickly, resulting in a costly repair exercise. However, figuring out the cause of a sagging plasterboard ceiling and engaging a company like Perth Ceiling Repairs […]

Spruce up your home with by getting a gyprock ceiling Perth. People don’t often appreciate just how much walls and ceilings affect the ambience of a house. When you feel like changing up your home, altering the ceilings and walls is a simple way to completely transform the character of a space. However, no matter […]

There’s much more to a ceiling that their functionality. Ceilings are fundamentally tied to the atmosphere of a room and they undoubtedly have the ability to make or break the visual appeal of a space.  From suspended and bulkhead ceilings to timber and mesh, high quality commercial ceilings in Perth can add value to your […]

Having a beautiful, neat, and spotless house is an ideal goal that many of us would like to achieve. Even though keeping our home clean is not always easy, it is possible if we know how to maintain it properly. Besides keeping the house clean, many want our home to be a place where we […]

Have you ever found a damp area in your house and wondered if there is a potential leakage? Ceiling contractors Perth are always advising homeowners to have their house inspected before undergoing any plaster ceiling repair in order to detect the root cause. If you overlook the regular inspection, the problem may not be fixed […]

Finding out why your ceilings are sagging can be the difference between effective repairs and a collapse.  It’s important that you deal with a sag quickly and effectively. There are many reasons why you may have sagging ceilings in Perth and your next steps depend on assessing what the root cause of your ceiling issue […]

When you see something isn’t quite right, it can often be tempting to do it yourself and save some money. However there are situations where this can be a costly mistake. If you think your plasterboard ceiling has been affected by water damage the only thing you should do is call a professional ceiling repairs […]