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Common Roof and Ceiling Problems in Summer

roof and ceiling repairs

Protecting your home from the elements and there are new challenges to be met with each season. When it comes to summer, you have the combination of the hot sun and humidity along with torrential downpours and wet seasons that can also be delivered by the weather patterns.

These elements can cause a range of problems with your roof, requiring ceiling repairs in Perth. Before you need emergency ceiling repair near me, it is always best to arm yourself with information about how the summer months can impact your roof and ceiling.

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That way you can detect early problems and avoid expensive ceiling repairs in Perth that could have been prevented. For quick and affordable ceiling repairs near me, these are the signs you should look out for this summer:

Damage to the shingles on your roof

The UV rays from the sun can be harsh on your roof. It can bake the shingles and cause them to dry out and crack. The longer this damage is left unchecked, the worse the ceiling repairs near me are going to be – not to mention expensive. They can peel and fall off your roof completely which will also allow rain and moisture to enter your ceiling cavity.

Always have your roof inspected at least annually to check for any damage to your shingles.

Summer storms

Severe thunderstorms and gale-force winds can damage your roof, especially if there is pre-existing damage. The storm itself might damage and tear shingles off, allowing moisture and water into your home.

This can lead to mould and mildew infestations, structural damage to your walls, insulation damage and much more. Always call out the professionals for ceiling repairs in Perth prior to storm season.


It is not just your roof and ceiling that need to be monitored, it is the space between them. High humidity and moisture build ups create a breeding ground for mould and mildew that can damage the wooden frame of your home and make you and your family unwell.

If you notice any black marks appearing on your ceiling, this is an indicator that you have mould and mildew and it needs to be inspected immediately.

Sagging ceilings

You might have a slow leak on your roof that you are unaware of. Over time, water is going to build up in the ceiling cavity and the weight can press the plasterboard down. If you notice sagging or bulging you need to call the professionals immediately. Without rapid sagging ceiling repair your entire ceiling could collapse.

If you need help with ceiling repairs in Perth, inspections or any assistance in protecting your home, contact the experts at Perth Ceiling Repairs.