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Water Damaged Ceilings & Roof Repairs Perth

It’s not every day that you check your ceilings in your home, but in the wet climate of Perth, problems can occur more often. If you have noticed spots, drips, bulging plaster or mildew up on your ceilings, it points to ceiling water damage.

Why Ceiling Water Damage Occurs

If rain can penetrate your roof, or if you have a pipe that goes through the upper floor of your home, this usually leads to an obvious problem spot on the ceiling. Water drips or runs downward and eventually will find its way to the upper surface of the ceiling material, which is generally either plaster or drywall. Once it reaches here, it will pool and then spread until it can find a place where it can travel downwards. With a drywall ceiling, often this is along a seam between the panels. With a plaster ceiling, the water usually gathers until it builds up enough to saturate the surface. It then it leaks through. That’s the first sign that you have a water damaged ceiling and will need ceiling and leaking roof repairs Perth.

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Deal with Ceiling Water Damage Quickly

The damage from a water-damaged ceiling can be ugly. Initially, the dampness will discolour the ceiling, and the integrity of the ceiling material is degraded from the ceiling water damage. If the dampness remains for more than a couple of days, you run the risk of mould developing, which is why it’s best to quickly deal with the problem and carry out the ceiling and roof repairs Perth. If you are dealing with chronic water stains on your ceiling, you should have professionals roof ceiling repair test for mould before repairing and painting.

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If you can’t gain access to the attic area above the drip, then you or a professional should go into the attic to find the leak in the roof. If you can’t get above the leak, place a bucket on the floor underneath the drip, and poke a small hole into the area where the water is gathering and confining the ceiling water damage.

As soon as you see the visible signs of a water-damaged ceiling, then it is important that you get your Perth ceilings fixers or your leaking roof ceiling repair Perth carried out. If you leave this condition as-is for any amount of time, it could result in a collapsed ceiling, which will cost you more $$$ than intervening before this happens.

At Perth Ceiling repairs, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and getting to work fast to fix all your ceiling problems, whether you have a damaged and leak roof, need to update your ceilings, need a new ceiling, or have an insurance job. Rest assured, we can take care of all your ceiling and roof ceiling repair in Perth. Contact us now. You’ll be amazed at our fast response time.