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When You Need Ceiling Fixers in Perth For Your Lath and Plaster Ceiling

perth ceiling fixers for plaster ceiling repairs

When you have an old ceiling, requiring ceiling fixers in Perth is common. So should you call the experts in for your lath and plaster ceiling repairs?

Plaster and lath is a construction method used primarily to finish interior dividing walls and ceilings, although it is more of an old method that is no longer used in Perth homes. Laths are narrow wood strips nailed horizontally across the studs or joists of the walls and then coated with plaster.

Looking under the loft insulation or lifting a bedroom floorboard will reveal the type of ceiling in older houses. If the ceiling is made up of lots of small laths with creamy lugs of plaster, it is original.

The traditional ingredients used in the creation of lath and plaster walls were lime powder, sand, and fibres (often horsehair). Walls made from lath and plaster require a minimum of three coats of plaster to achieve a rock-hard, dense finish.

In addition to having the appearance of a historic interior, it is also more soundproofing and insulating than modern plasterboard. Additionally, plaster and lath are more fire-resistant than drywall, as well as deliver an old-world look and feel to your home.

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Is It Necessary to Remove the Lath and Plaster Ceiling?

So long as they’re still intact (no chunks falling off the lath), you can leave them as they are. Plaster walls contribute a lot to the historical appeal of an older home, so they should be preserved.

For this reason, ensuring the walls remain in good shape means regularly inspecting them and repairing cracks as soon as they appear.

How to Decide Whether to Repair or Remove Your Plaster and Lath Ceilings

Sagging plasterwork does not necessarily indicate a broken plaster surface. Houses settle over time, and ceilings follow suit. You might still be able to keep your ceiling if it is sagging or sloping.

Where the plaster appears to have separated from the lath, stand beneath the sagging area and gently push upward using your palms. The plaster is supposed to have a little give, but if you feel it moving up and down, that means the laths are not attached. You may notice dust and debris falling from the cracks as you do this.

Upon a complete failure, lime mortar or plasterwork will separate from the laths and fall to the ground. As a result, the plasterwork is essentially unsupported beneath the laths.

Plasterwork in this state eventually starts to crack and even falls away in pieces or in whole sheets if there is a water leak, or if someone jumps on the floor above.

Our Perth Ceiling Repairs team will take care of your plaster and lath problems in no time and leave no mess behind. Your ceiling issues require urgent attention, so we resolve them as soon as possible. Our ceiling fixers in Perth offer 24-hour repair services, so you can expect prompt, professional assistance whenever you need it.

What Is the Cost of Lath and Plaster Ceiling Repairs?

Lath and plaster ceiling repair cost does not come at a fixed price. It will ultimately come down to how large the job is and how long it will take a plasterer to finish it.

Cracks that are small can often be repaired, but larger cracks or crumbling plaster may require that the substrate be replaced with drywall or plasterboard. On a square metre basis, you should expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $120, though intricate or more difficult jobs, like repairing water damaged plaster, might cost significantly more.

By hiring Perth Ceiling Repairs to repair your lath and plaster ceilings, you can be assured of the most competitive prices and the best quality. Speak to our team on 0414 213 006 for a free quote.