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Why Are My Ceilings Sagging?

Finding out why your ceilings are sagging can be the difference between effective repairs and a collapse.  It’s important that you deal with a sag quickly and effectively. There are many reasons why you may have sagging ceilings in Perth and your next steps depend on assessing what the root cause of your ceiling issue is. From water damage to pest control, you may need to arrange to have other issues fixed before you focus on your ceiling damage. Regardless of the reasons, one thing that should definitely be on your list is ceiling repairs in Perth

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What Cause Sagging Ceilings in Perth?  

There are several possibilities that may lead to a ceiling sagging. These can range from the serious to the benign but in any case, it’s important to get them checked out as soon as possible.

Ceiling Repairs in Perth


One of the reasons your ceiling might be sagging is to do with the foundations of your home. This will be due to the conditions present during construction, but it may not become an issue until many years later. Whether the foundation was poorly constructed, the condition of the soil was suboptimal, or the land was not graded correctly, the continual expansion and contraction of the ground will place significant stress on the foundation. Eventually a house will settle into its surroundings but if the workmanship was poor, this can cause the presence of cracks or sags, and be in need of ceiling repairs in Perth.

Poor Drywall Installation

If you have sagging ceilings in Perth but there are no signs of water damage or foundational issues, then there is a good chance that your sags might be due to the faulty installation of your drywall. If your ceiling installer in Perth was lazy or perhaps thought it would be more convenient to cut corners then you may find that you may have too few screws holding your ceiling up and they may be spaced too far apart. This, of course, will result in a sagging ceiling.

Alternatively, you may find that the drywall selected was too light compared to thicker, more durable varieties. The former is considerably more likely to sag. If this is the problem you’re facing, you may be able to get the existing drywall reinforced but you might also have to get your drywall replaced instead. In order to avoid this situation, it’s worth speaking to a ceiling professional to get advice on the best thickness for your ceiling.

Water Damage

Water damage can be caused from a variety of factors. Whether you’ve experiences a burst pipe or severe weather, water can pool inside the ceiling leading to dips and sags initially but given enough time it can lead to an outright collapse. Water also affects support beams and causes them to rot and warp leading to similar severe outcomes. If you notice signs of water damage it is vital that you get a plumber to come have a look at the damage and get it fixed before conducting ceiling repairs.

Pests and termites

Unfortunately for our houses, many pests like termites’ love wood. If you notice one of these little white ants, then there is a very high chance that significant damage has already been done to your ceiling’s wooden support beams. Like with water damage, it’s important to call external services, in this case pest removal, before attempting to get your ceiling repairs in Perth.

Get the best sagging ceiling repairs in Perth

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