Dangers of Ignoring Ceiling Cracks without Immediate Repairs

Ignoring signs of ceiling damage can lead to disastrous results. Contrary to popular belief, a collapsed ceiling isn’t just caused by large, one-off events. It can be caused by much smaller things, like a crack that keeps growing and gets ignored. Over time, the crack will get larger and the foundations get weaker and this leads to the eventual ceiling collapse. We can prevent this from happening at your home with high-quality ceiling repairs.

We have prepared some questions that can act as a guide for us to understand the ceiling condition at your home. Please answer them and then we will follow up as soon as possible.

1. Have you noticed any cracking sounds or seen a small crack coming from the ceiling?

2. Have you noticed any sign of sagging or the cornice dropping?

3. Have you noticed any sign of nail pops on the ceiling?

4. Have you noticed any damp or wet areas on the ceiling?

5. When was the last time you had the ceiling repaired or replaced?

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- William. N -

“I just moved in with my family a couple of days ago and noticed a small crack on the living room ceiling. I didn’t think it was anything to worry about, but it didn’t take long before the entire ceiling collapsed. Well, I should have had it looked at as soon as I noticed the crack, lesson learned!”

What Happens When You Ignore Your Ceiling Damage?

William’s experience might give you a better understanding of what ignoring your ceilings could lead to? A collapsed ceiling is the last thing you want to happen at your home because it could directly affect your safety and the safety of your family.

A crack on the ceiling is one of the symptoms of a damaged ceiling caused by factors, such as structural damage. Other symptoms that commonly occur in Australian homes are sagging, water damage caused by roof leaks, water pipes and air conditioners leaking, condensation and building foundations moving.

Because a ceiling collapse is a risk to everyone’s safety, The Building Commission has advised that homeowners should check the condition of the ceiling regularly and organise immediate repairs if you noticed any signs of the damaged area. For more information, give our team a call.

Reasons Why Proper Ceiling Repairs is Essential

Prevent celling from collapsing

Extend the ceiling’s lifespan

Cost-efficient alternative to ceiling replacement

Avoid any mess or damage caused from a fallen ceiling

Preserve the architectural integrity

What Causes The Ceiling to Crack and Sag?

In Australia, there are two main factors that cause a damaged ceiling: temperature change and pest infestation. The former occurs because a change in temperature causes the foundations of the building to shift, expanding due to the heat and contracting when it’s cold.

While most of the time these structural building movements are harmless, over time they can eventually put pressure on the ceiling, which can lead to cracks and sags.

Pests, especially termites, love wood and an infestation can lead to extensive damage to your house’s foundation. For more information, please contact our team.

How to Properly Repair the Damaged Ceiling?

Ceiling repairs are best left to the professionals like our team at Perth Ceiling Repairs. It’s not something you can do yourself by following a tutorial in YouTube; this is the kind of work that needs years of experience and proper skill to do safely and effectively. If you notice any signs of damage, take note of the location and then call our team of experts to assess the problem. Don’t worry, we provide free, no-obligation quotes for every phone call.

Our Ceiling Repairs Area of Service

Our services operate throughout the Perth metro area, from the northern suburbs (Joondalup, Quinns Rocks, Hillarys etc) the southern suburbs (Rockingham, Mandurah, Armadale etc) to areas around the CBD (Fremantle, Midland, Subiaco etc). So, wherever you’re located, don’t hesitate to immediately call us when you notice something wrong with your ceiling.

Reasons to Choose Perth Ceiling Repairs to Fix Your Damaged Ceiling

High-quality Services

Professional Team of Ceiling Repairman

Premium Ceiling Material Quality


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