Plasterboard is also known as drywall. It is used a lot in building homes, especially for inside walls and ceilings. It’s made of a material called gypsum, which is put between two sheets of paper. Plasterboard can be made in different ways to resist fire, humidity, and noise. That’s why it’s a popular choice for […]

Gyprock vs Plasterboard – What’s the Difference? Gyprock is a brand-specific type of plasterboard manufactured by a company named Gyprock. On the other hand, plasterboard is a more generic term, encompassing any board made from gypsum. The construction industry often uses terms like gyprock, plasterboard, gypsum board, and drywall interchangeably. Sometimes, it leads to some […]

One common issue homeowners face is dealing with damaged ceiling plaster. This simple guide will walk you through the process of how to repair ceiling plaster, ensuring your home remains in top shape. Before you can begin the process of fixing ceiling plaster, it’s crucial to identify the problem. The common issues can be cracks, […]

A collapsing or falling down ceiling is not just a structural concern; it can pose severe safety hazards, cause property damage, and lead to costly repairs. Despite being an unnoticed part of our daily lives, the ceiling deserves our attention for both safety and maintenance reasons. This is a big issue because it can be […]

What is Lath and Plaster Ceiling Lath and plaster ceiling is a traditional method of constructing ceilings that involve attaching laths to the ceiling joists. Laths are thin wood strips nailed horizontally across the studs or joists of the walls. And then to finish it, a plaster mixture is applied to the laths in layers […]

When it comes to fixing your ceilings, you want to make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy service. This is where Perth Ceiling Repairs comes in. We offer professional and affordable ceiling solutions for homeowners in the Perth metro area. With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to quality, Perth […]

Winter brings with it a host of challenges for homeowners, and one area that often gets overlooked is the ceiling. While it may seem like a mere overhead structure, the ceiling is susceptible to a range of problems during the colder months. At Perth Ceiling Repairs, we’ve seen firsthand the myriad of challenges winter can […]

Our population is growing at a rapid rate, and existing old hospitals are struggling to keep up with the increased demand for healthcare services. The infrastructure of these facilities is often outdated and in dire need of renovation. And that is including ceiling maintenance. Poorly maintained ceilings in hospitals can lead to mould growth, leaks, […]

A father and son have survived a terrifying ordeal after their home was damaged by a severe storm in Perth, Western Australia. On Tuesday night, August 2nd 2022, high winds caused the ceiling of their Joondalup home to collapse. It happened while they were watching TV at around 9 PM. Initially, both father and son […]

Dodgy home builders are a big problem in Australia. Every year, families lose thousands of dollars to dodgy contractors who do a shoddy job or leave defects in new build homes. It’s a huge problem, and it’s only getting worse. A Melbourne-based building inspector, Zeher Khalil, has become a controversial figure in the Australian construction […]

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