The Difference Between Gyprock vs Plasterboard

Gyprock vs Plasterboard – What’s the Difference?

Gyprock is a brand-specific type of plasterboard manufactured by a company named Gyprock. On the other hand, plasterboard is a more generic term, encompassing any board made from gypsum.

The construction industry often uses terms like gyprock, plasterboard, gypsum board, and drywall interchangeably. Sometimes, it leads to some confusion. In reality, these terms often refer to the same type of building material, with a few subtle differences. So basically, gyprock or plasterboard, they refer to the same thing.

Gyprock and plasterboard are commonly used in construction and renovation projects as lightweight, easy-to-install alternatives to traditional plaster. They’re ideal for creating walls, ceilings, and partitions and can be finished with paint, wallpaper, or tiles.

When making a gyprock, the gypsum mineral is ground into a powder. It is then mixed with water to form a paste, and shaped into sheets. These sheets are dried and cut to size, forming the base material for both gyprock and plasterboard.

The primary goal with gyprock is to achieve the smoothest possible finish for painting. As it can be challenging for even skilled painters to compensate for a rough wall.

Gyprock and Traditional Plasterboard Comparison

While they’re essentially the same, there are a few practical differences between gyprock and traditional plasterboard that are worth noting for builders and homeowners.

Here are a few differences between them:

Dealing with Cracks in Your Gyprock Ceiling

If you notice small cracks in your gyprock ceiling, you might be able to repair them yourself. You can plaster the crack, allowing it to dry, smoothing the surface, and then painting it.

However, for larger cracks or if you’re unsure about the repair process, it’s advisable to seek professional help.

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