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Sagging Ceiling

Sagging ceilings Perth do happen. As building ages, things start to break down or go wrong, and a sagging ceiling can be an indication of a number of problems. Before that ceiling collapses completely, you should seek quality sagging ceilings repair from the experts at Perth Ceiling Repairs. We replace sagging ceiling with a brand new one, or make select repairs to the ceiling where necessary.

Tell-tale Signs of a Sagging Ceiling

To really see a sag in the ceiling, no matter how slight, it’s easiest to spot at night under light. If you do spot any of the symptoms listed below that suggest a sagging ceiling, then sagging ceilings repair should be organised before the problem gets any worse.

Sagging Ceiling - Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth | Perth Ceiling Repairs

Causes of Sagging Ceilings Perth

There can be a number of causes for a sagging ceiling. The most common is simply age. Materials start to erode and break down over time, and the plasterboard in the ceiling could be losing some of its rigidity. Also, as temperatures fluctuate, materials expand and contract constantly, which can also lead to a sagging ceiling that may require sagging ceilings repair or the need to replace sagging ceiling.

Another common cause is a water leak in the roof. Storm water and moisture gets into the roof cavity and forms puddles on top of the plasterboard. This leads to decay of the gypsum, causing both unsightly staining and warping.

About Perth Ceiling Repairs

At Perth Ceiling Repairs we specialise in sagging ceilings repair and replacement. If your home is suffering from sagging ceilings Perth, then we are the number team of professionals to call.

All our work is covered by our quality guarantee. We are a professional ceiling contractor in Perth, and over the years we have built up a positive reputation in the local community for quality workmanship, the best materials and all at affordable prices.

Perth Ceiling Repairs takes care of all types of insurance work and with us; you can be assured there are no hidden costs. So get in touch today.