Cracks in plaster ceilings are relatively common, and there are a few different reasons why they might occur.  One of the most common causes is simply the settling of a house over time. As a house settles, the weight of the plaster ceiling can cause it to crack or sag. Another common cause of ceiling […]

No, you cannot just plaster a ceiling. Because the plaster application process is different for each surface. When plastering a ceiling, it is important to first create a smooth surface. This can be done using various methods, such as sanding or using a chemical paint stripper.  Once the surface is prepared, the plaster can be […]

Keeping your home clean is not only important for aesthetics, it is vital for health as well. Dirt and dust collecting on your ceiling gyprock or gyprock plasterboard can make your family unwell so it is important to include them in your regular cleaning routine as well. We have put together this simple guide on […]

In most cases, water stains on the ceiling are the result of a roof leak, heating leak, or plumbing leak that seeped into the ceiling and evaporated, leaving a discoloured, dried patch that could require ceiling leak repair. In addition to increasing the risk of more serious structural or electrical damage that need ceiling repairs […]

Protecting your home from the elements and there are new challenges to be met with each season. When it comes to summer, you have the combination of the hot sun and humidity along with torrential downpours and wet seasons that the weather patterns can also deliver. These elements can cause a range of problems with […]

Repairing ceiling water damage can be a real pain to deal with. Water damage can cause permanent damage if not addressed quickly, whether your home has been flooded or you have a water leak. Repairing ceiling water damage can restore your home to normal. A water-damaged ceiling or leak in the ceiling can be annoying […]

A popcorn ceiling is paint or spray-on ceiling treatment that features a rough, lumpy texture. Individuals mainly used the popcorn ceiling during the late 20th century. Builders during the time installed a textured treatment that helped to cover all the imperfections while aiding in absorbing sound from above the building. Today, many homeowners embrace popcorn […]

Perth Ceiling Repairs know the risk of leaving a sagging plasterboard ceiling untouched. When left unchanged the ceiling can collapse, posing a risk to others. Furthermore, water damage can spread quickly, resulting in a costly repair exercise. However, figuring out the cause of a sagging plasterboard ceiling and engaging a company like Perth Ceiling Repairs […]

Spruce up your home with by getting a gyprock ceiling Perth. People don’t often appreciate just how much walls and ceilings affect the ambience of a house. When you feel like changing up your home, altering the ceilings and walls is a simple way to completely transform the character of a space. However, no matter […]

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