How To Clean Gyprock Plasterboard Walls And Ceilings

Keeping your home clean is not only important for aesthetics, it is vital for health as well. Dirt and dust collecting on your ceiling gyprock or gyprock plasterboard can make your family unwell so it is important to include them in your regular cleaning routine as well.

We have put together this simple guide on how to clean ceiling gyprock and gyprock plasterboard walls so you can get the best results. Remember to always take the right safety precautions when cleaning gyprock plasterboard on your ceiling or at the top of high walls to avoid injury.

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Start With Your Ceilings

This is important because there is going to be a lot of dirt and dust that will fall from your ceiling when you clean it. If you have already cleaned your walls, they are likely to just get dirty again.

However, you won’t need to clean your ceilings as often as your walls, just every now and then when they are noticeably starting to get dirty.

Make sure you cover all of the furniture below and use drop sheets if you have carpet to prevent a much larger cleaning job. It is much better to use a long-handled duster to safely get the job done, rather than getting up on a ladder and risking a fall.

Then you can use a combination of warm water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar to make your ceiling look brand new. Use a long-handled paint roller to avoid using that ladder.

How To Clean Your Walls

Once your ceiling has been cleaned (if required), it is time to turn your attention to your gyprock walls. The first step is dusting, otherwise, you might just spread dirt all over your walls.

Once all of the loose dirt and dust has been removed, prepare the same cleaning solution you used for your ceiling. The sponge you use is important, as it can stain your walls. Avoid coloured sponges, for this reason, a natural sea sponge works best.

it is best to clean your walls in sections. Start at the top and clean sections that are about one metre by one metre and allow this section to dry before moving on to the next. This will help you avoid streak lines and uneven cleaning, making your gyprock walls look brand new once again.

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